Apocalyptic: These Are Truly The Last Days-“The Sky Was Beautiful On Fire”

These Are Truly The Last Days

“The Sky Was Beautiful On Fire”

These Are Truly The Last Days

Wonderful, apocalyptic music from this band arising from the ruins of the Silicon Valley, rapped in grey, hazy sediments as humans wail over the end of their species.  I love the bleakness of this music, with its message of no hope or salvation.  Look around:  they are correct.  As they say about themselves:

these are truly the last days are a band born from the dust that blows through silicon valley – their music the same particulate mélange of grit and silica, glitter and plastic, dead cells and dropped packets. not yet famous enough to be reclusive, they bide their time on windy shores, writing music and counting ghosts.
I’m ready for the end, are you?  If cyberpunk at its grittiest were a movie, These Are Truly The Last Days would be the soundtrack.  This is the future.

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