Barroom Fun: Wreck Loose – “Long Time Listener, First Time Caller”

Photo by Dave Hidek

Wreck Loose

“Long Time Listener, First Time Caller”

OK, Wreck Loose

Imagine Warren Zevon more out of control and punkier, if that were even possible, and you get Wreck Loose, these lunatics from Pittsburgh, of course.  Wreck Loose is so fun, full of the blues and that punk disease, with a driving piano to get you up, get you dancing, get you drunk.  This ain’t music to sit around;  this is music to move to.  The lyrics have that Zevon bite to them.  For example, their lead off song,  “Long Time Listener, First Time Caller”, that caller that is the staple of all those late night radio programs, like how music radio should be and one time was.  No wonder they have been featured live on WDVE, one of the few uncompromising, classic rock stations left. Wreck Less is comprise of Max Somerville on vocals and piano, and bandmates Nathan Zoob on guitar, Derek Krystek on drums and Dave Busch on bass. They are on tour this summer.  Come out and enjoy the mayhem.  WOW!!!!

Tour Dates

June 27 – Baltimore, MD – Joe Squared

June 28 – Washington, DC – Smith Public Trust

June 29 – Philadelphia, PA – Bourbon & Branch

July 1 – New York City – Bar Matchless

July 3 – Mansfield, OH – Relax, It’s Just Coffee

July 7 – Canton, OH – Buzzbin

July 8 – Brookville, PA – FarmJammalamma

July 13 – Nashville, TN – The Cobra

July 14 – South Park, PA – South Park Amphitheater

July 15 – Pittsburgh, PA – Deutschtown Music Festival

August 5 – Accident, MD – Moon Shadow Cafe

August 25 – Pittsburgh, PA – WYEP Final Fridays (with Cloud Nothings)

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