Beautiful Dark: White China – “Freak Dreams”

White China

“Freak Dreams”


This is great darkwave music.  Have you reached that time when you find yourself greeting every sunrise when you’re just getting in, and you wonder, is it worth it?  That’s the question Gianluca Buccellati poses.  He explains that the track was inspired by “a phase where I was staying out late. I would see the sunrise frequently,” and asking yourself “are we going to keep this up, or is it time to go home?” The band White China is set to release their debut album this year. The band consists of Gianluca Buccellati, his brother Sanj, and Aaron Bernards. This is a wonderful band, with beauty and darkness in even portions.  Buccellati’s vocals are so filled with emotion, with beauty, with wonder.  I is a great album.  Check it out.

01. Reputation
02. Shake
03. I Get Too High
04. Someone Like You
05. Freak Dreams
06. Overdrive
07. Follows You Around
08. Island in the Sun
09. Needless to Say
10. At Sunset Sunrise Blooms

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