Beauty In Strangeness: Everyone Is Dirty – “San Andreas”

Everyone Is Dirty

“San Andreas”

My Neon’s Dead

What a strange band.  With a sound like The Mars Volta stripped down and put into a blender, Everyone Is Dirty falls into so many categories we will now have to make one up:  Everyone Is Dirtyism.  Amazing sound.  The Oakland-area art-rockers are made up of band consisting of Sivan Lioncub (vocals/electric violin), Christopher Daddio (guitar/vocals), Tony Sales (drums/vocals) and Tyler English (bass).  Lioncub’s vocals and violin make Everyone Is Dirty stand out.  This is one of the most interesting bands to head down the pike.  Jump on.  Seriously, the ride will be wild but worth it.

If you think they are normal, just check out their great lyrics:

red summers
and artificial cities lighting her a cigarette
I reach over and I pick up the bottle suck it down flat on my back
and then suddenly I start to laugh
I put my hand flat down on the surface where the curve is going down
and we are in bed together and we’re laughing spiral out like a whale stream of foam
and I’m high in the air all alone
red summers and artificial cities
she’s holding her cigarette
Now we’ve been striking darker intersections looking down at the madness
and then suddenly I’ve got to laugh

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