Beauty In The Shadows: Steevo Nuissier – “Camouflage”

Picture by @Laurentcphoto

Steevo Nuissier


Steevo Nuissier, the master electronica multi-instrumentalist out there, has a new single, and it is a killer.  The instrumentation is so hidden in plain hearing, and Nuissier’s voice is pleading and rough, which adds such wonder to his song.  Read these beautiful lyrics:

Even with low self esteem
They wanted me, they wanted you
Camouflage and fade away
Camouflage: they want you!
Even in their seflfish dreams
They wanted me they wanted you!
Camouflage and fade away
Camouflage… They want you!

What a wonderful song.  The music really match the lyrics, that confusion whether they really want you for you, or if it is all selfish bs.  I love Steevo.  He is unafraid to tackle any style and any subject, and he always succeeds.  A new song by Nuissier is like an early Solstice present.  Thank you for the wonderful music.

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