Beauty With A Conscious: Eyes Eat Sun – “Fix It”

Eyes Eat Suns

“Fix Me”

Eyes Eat Suns is a tremendous alt rock band from North Carolina comprised of Ayisa Adderley and Caige Crampshee.  Adderley’s great vocals combine perfectly with the expert guitar playing of Crampshee; in fact, it is the guitar playing that is most amazing about the band.  Vocalist and songwriter Ayisa Adderley connects themes of self-worth and confidence to those finding it hard to flourish in today’s world of unaccepting and unapologetic societal norms. Eyes Eat Suns wants fans to know that being different is so much better than “being normal.”  Addreley’s shimmering voice of multi-octaves is played like another instrument, combining into this original mix of R&B and power pop.  This is new territory, guys.  I love this band so much.  You will too.  The honesty of the lyrics is so refreshing.

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