Beth Ditto is Anything But ‘Fake’ on New Solo Album

The Gossip front-girl has come out as a solo tour-de-force with her new album “Fake Sugar”. The album is dripping in southern rock influence showcasing Ditto’s softer side. Fans may be eager to hear a more rigid vocal on the record but will be surprised when hearing the complexity of the music and high production value.

The lead single “Fire” definitely teases the natural and raw talent that Ditto has showcased during her time with Gossip. There are a few other raucous tracks that continue to develop her noticeable vocal prowess (Oh La La, Go Baby Go). The remainder of the album gives way to a cooler southern charm of Beth that we have rarely seen. “In and Out” keeps listeners on a nice drive with a solid soft hook and calm chorus. My favorite track (while simple yet catchy) is “We Could Run”; a fast charged track that lends itself the proper message and pace of new found freedom (and will most likely end up in a promo for a teen drama come Fall.. but hey exposure is exposure).

The record is a change of pace for Ditto but a smart move to find herself in the likes of a singer/ songwriter realm with a more well crafted sound and image apart from her alt-rock band. No matter what sound Beth Ditto gives us it will be anything but fake.

Check out the album below.


Kevin Charles Ross



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