Black Metal Orchestra: Les Chants du Hasard – “Chant troisième – L’homme”

Les Chants du Hasard

“Chant troisième – L’homme”

Les Chants du Hasard

Amazing, a heavy metal album from a band that doesn’t play heavy metal.  Remember, No guitars – No bass – No drums; instead, Orchestra, Orchestra, Orchestra.  This is the heaviest album this year.  I love this orchestra.  As Noisey states:

The band’s sole member, Hazard, is as big on classical composers Strauss and Mussorgsky as he is inspired by Summoning and Dimmu Borgir, and the results of his experiment are electric. As Noisey noted, “Les Chants du Hasard goes all in on neoclassical grandiosity, shunning traditional rock instrumentation like guitar, drums, and bass altogether in favor of orchestral instruments, coupled with the kind of unhinged, emotive howls that helped characterize 90s black metal genre-busters like Ved Buens Ende, Fleurety, and Arcturus… the cross-generational influences make the end result seem even less of this world.”

This is my favorite black metal album of this year.  Check them out.

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