Blackfeet Braves “Vicious Cycle”

At first it sounds like you’re listening to a young Bob Dylan on this haunting track full of melodies, reverb and clamoring. Blackfeet Braves “Vicious Cycle” sounds like an alternative Travelling Willbury’s band side project; and that’s pretty cool.

First single, “Vicious Cycle” is a primer in all things Blackfeet Braves down to the croony vocals stylings of Tony Malacara, met with just the right amount of jangle and romanticism. Comprised of Julian Ducatenzeiler, Shane Stotsenberg, Tomas Dolas, Cameron Gartung and Tony Malcara, this quintet’s forthcoming LP will be released digitally and on vinyl via Orange County based label, Lolipop Records, on February 12th and can be pre-ordered here.

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