Blues Guitar With A Kick: Ian Bamberger Trio – “Satisfied”

ian bamberger

Ian Bamberger Trio



WOW.  When you first hear those beginning riffs, you know you are in the presence of a guitar genius.  What a band: tight, smooth, but kick-ass guitars; steady, inventive bass lines; and hard ass drumming.  This trio has it all. Prior to his first solo release, the trio’s lead vocalist and guitarist, Ian Bamberger, played lead guitar for Glassnote Records’s Tor Miller and shared the stage with many established artists, including Young the Giant and New Found Glory. Inspired to write and record his own music, Bamberger released his solo debut EP, Those Girls, in 2013. Bamberger then joined forces with Adam Gerver (bass) and Bill Grillo (drums), sharing a creative vision to meld modern rock with hard-hitting rock n’ roll from the 70’s and 80’s. Bamberger and group succeed, giving this band a James Gang/Fog Hat, riff wild ride, like AC/DC with great vocals.  (No insult to AC/DC).  This IS the band for you guitar freaks out there.

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