Bright And Deep: Everything Turned To Color – “Everything Turned To Color”

Photo Cred: Julia Cawley

Everything Turned To Color

“Everything Turned To Color”

All Things Go

What an amazing band.  They sound like the New Christy Minstrels at first, until you listen and realize there is something more complex and darker happening her.  Everything Turned To Color includes brothers Bryan and Kyle Weber, two ex-alt-rock bandmates who co-own DIY tour booking website (which services nearly 100K members) and their classically trained neighbor, Neha Jiwrajka, who left a tech job at Google to pursue a Masters in Jazz and vocal performance (her mother is a classically trained Hindustani singer).  This band is retrospective and deep, while their sound is so light and bright.  Jiwrajka has this voice that will totally blow you away.  Please check them out.  It’s like She and Him have found a seriousness that is often missing in most pop music.

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