British Americana: Ben Ottewell – “The Watcher”

Ben Ottewell

“The Watcher”

A Man Apart

What beautiful music.  Chesterfield-born, Derbyshire-raised singer-songriter Ottewell grew up as part of Gomez, the British band that won the Mercury Award in 1998.  Making his third solo album, Ottewell decided to follow his dream of making a great Americana album.  His sound is reminiscence as Victor Krummenacher and other Americana artists. Ottewell has this great, husky voice that brings forth the beauty of his lyrics.  Of the many things I love about Ottewell, one of the biggest points is his taking Americana, adding the Derbyshire twist, and making the style all his own.  You all know how much I love Americana:  well, Ben Ottewell is the real dealer.  Thank God he decided to release this beautiful solo album.  Americana needed the shot in the arm.

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