Campfire Music: Joseph Childress – “Footsteps”

Joseph Childress



Joseph Childress has this amazing voice; very honest, very down-to-earth, not spectacular but, more important, his style fits his material.  I want to sit around a campfire and listen to Childress sing and play.  It’s a very natural sound, very open-air.  As his publicity says:

For this new record, Childress traveled to Portland to record with veteran Americana musician and producer Mike Coykendall, known for his work with artists M. Ward, Bright Eyes, Jolie Holland, She & Him and Old Joe Clarks. Two reels of 1″ tape were consumed at Coykendall’s home studio, Blue Rooms. Joseph began with tracking guitar and vocals solo. Additional musicians Aaron Robinson (Linda Perhacs, Sean Rowe, Bridget St. John), Joey Ficken (Swords), Tom Lucas (Crooked Jades) and Coykendall layered guitars, percussion, fiddle and bass to create a hearty mountain band that pivots between spartan country, gritty pop, and outsider americana.

This is a perfect description of Childress’ music.  Like a more immediate Will Oldham, Joseph Childress’ music will place an immediate impression on your heart.

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