Car Seat Headrest – “Golden Years” – MADLO: Influences

Car Seat Headrest – “Golden Years” – MADLO: Influences

One of my bands has release a series of cover songs that, while staying true to the original, bring their lo-fi strategy of music to the heart and make the song their own.  I never thought I would hear a cover of “Golden Years” by David Bowie that would come close to the original.  Car Seat Headrest does just that.  Led by the eccentric Will Toledo (vocals, guitar, piano, synthesizers) with the help of Ethan Ives (guitar, bass, backing vocals), Seth Dalby (bass), and Andrew Katz (drums, percussion, backing vocals) Car Seat Headrest adds that bit of a their own twisted personality to the cut.  As Ian Cohen from Pitchfork says, Car Seat Headrest (especially Toledo) makes:

“dense, confounding music that most often captures the giddy thrill of having access to recording equipment, of finally put a sound to the voice in your head.”

Everything Car Seat Headrest makes is superior lyrically and musically.  They sound like no one else.  The only musician I can compare Toledo to is John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats.  Check them out.  They also do a killer cover of “Running Up That Hill”





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