Chicago Noise: Blacker Face – “Back To Black”

Blacker Face

“Back To Black”

Think Piece

This is some of the best No Wave music I’ve heard since DNA, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, and MARS.  I love this band.  They can go from pure noise to crooning beautifully and back again while never missing a beat.  Coming from Chicago and comprised of Isaac Nicholas – Guitar, background vocals, Jolene W/E – Lead vocals, Louis N. Clark – Synths, piano, background vocals, Noah Jones – Percussion, background vocals, and pt Bell – Bass guitar, vocals in a liminal space between background and lead, this band is full of surprises.  Imagine if Lydia Lunch had a great voice, you would get Blacker Face.  Jolene W/E has an amazing voice, and the rest of the band just get together to keep the music going.  This is a great album.  I recommend you to check out their whole discography.  Jewels every one of them.

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