Chicago Punk: Modern Day Rippers – “Girls Like It”

Modern Day Rippers

“Girls Like It”

Doing The Lord’s Work

You like punk rock?  I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!  YOU LIKE PUNK??? HERE’S YOUR BAND FROM CHI-TOWN – MODERN DAY RIPPERS.  If you like The Damned, The Dicks, The Dead Boys, meet these Mfers.  This is real punk rock, no holds back, screw you if you don’t like it, balls to the wall punk.  I love this band.  Made up (and I again quote):

Germ: Singin’ the songs that make the whole world hate!

Richard Bastard: Bass yeah he got the beat!

Mike: Rhythm guitar talk about self destruction!

Chuck: Lead guitar, get a mop cause panties are getting wet!

Jeff: Drums them tom toms ain’t got no chance!

Remember, punk is an attitude, and if you handle the heat, get out of the bar, dude.  This is my attitude in one new album.  Punk out guys.

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