Chilean Dreams: Trementina – “Oh Child”


“Oh Child”


Trementina’s new album will be dropping on March 24th, and I can’t wait.  This Chilean dream pop band is one of the best bands I’ve ever heard.  As I wrote before, Trementina sounds like Hope Sandoval fronting The Jesus and Mary Chain with Brian Eno producing and writing the material.  Composed of Vanessa Cea (vocals), Cristobal Ortiz (guitar), Lucas Martinic (bass), and Andrés on drums, Trementina are also finally on tour so the whole world can hear and see them.  Honestly, if there is one band on who’s bandwagon you should jump, Trementina is THE band.  Below is their tour schedule.  Remember, get this album.  It’s important for your ears and mind.

Tour Dates:

MARCH 10th– Antes del nrml, Toluca, México.
MARCH 11th– Nrml Festival, México DF.
MARCH 13th– Live session Input magazine, México.
MARCH 14th– Austin (Onward Touring gig) 
MARCH 16th–  Austin Psych Fest party from 5:30pm-6pm
MARCH 17th– Burger Records Pool Party at Pearl St Co Op, 11:55 PM
MARCH 18th– Burgermania VI at Hotel Vegas, 8:30 PM
MARCH 19th– Burger Records Hangover Fest V, San Antonio, TX 

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