Chillwave At Its Best: Mucklo – “Double Dealing”



“Double Dealing”


What a song.  I love Mucklo.  The guitar is so deep, so clear, so compelling.  “Mucklo,” is the lone-wolf project of Michael J. Hall. With influences such as Elliott Smith, Alain Johannes, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Mucklo’s songs span a few genres from Chillwave and Lofi, to Psych Rock and Acoustic gems. You can hear the Smith influence in his voice, but his lyrics are even darker.  My favorite line – “No one would ever call her picturesque”.  I love a guy who can write a line like that.  As I said, “Double Dealing” is propelled along by Mucklo’s voice, and his guitar playing is out of this world.  Chillwave is the closest category for Mucklo’s sound, but it really is much more than that.  Check him out.  He is a true original.

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