Choose The Right Treasure: Dragon Welding – “These Are Dangerous Times”

Dragon Welding

“These Are Dangerous Times”

These Are Dangerous Times

This is such a great song, so representative of these times.  They are indeed dangerous times.  Dragon Welding is the solo moniker of Andrew Golding of the Wolfhounds.  His solo record is so tremendous.  As Golding states:

“Change is essential. Stagnation leads to boredom and that, in turn, leads to frustration. The dilemma, or course, is identifying in advance the things we perceive need to be changed, and
what we think those things should be changed into? Should we throw away something that is flawed but functioning in the hope that swapping it for something else, that we can’t yet see, will be better? At the moment, I see a lot of people being presented with brightly painted and
colourful boxes that are closed. They look appealing and they may contain treasure. They may, of course, be empty. These are dangerous times.”

Indeed they are, but in the most dangerous of times, the most adventurous and beautiful music is composed, and Dragon Welding has found that niche of beauty in an ugly world.  This is truly a choice that is an easy one, and a treasure will be found within.

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