Classic Punk: Lost In Society – “I’m So Down”

Chris Speigle

Lost In Society

“I’m So Down”

This trio from Asbury Park, comprised of Zach Moyle, Nick Ruroede, and Hector Bonora, are a great punk band.  This is the sound The Offspring tried to reach, but they forgot one of the main ingredients of are fast, short, melodic songs, like the Ramones and now, Lost In Society.  This is a great band.  Their show must be an amazingly fast and crazy show.  As their bio states:

Bassist Nick Ruroede shares “When we were writing songs for ‘Eager Heart’ we ended up with about 25 demos.  ‘I’m So Down’ is one of those songs.  We wanted to release a B-Side from those sessions but also wanted to do something a little different.  We recorded, mixed, and mastered the track ourselves and are really excited to finally share it.”

This is the perfect punk single.  This is tremendous.

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