Clear Soaring Songs: Ohlayindigo – “AWOL”

Photo Cred: Guro Beitohaugen

Photo Cred: Guro Beitohaugen




The first thing that hits you is the vocals:  clear, soaring, beautiful.  Then the beats get you.  This really is electronic pop at its best.  And when the lower vocals come in, paradise occurs.  Ohlayindigo is a San Francisco-based electronic pop duo from Norway and the UK, composed of singer and songwriter Hanna Ponth, and drummer Zak Shrapnell.  When Ponth met Shrapnell, all the pieces fell into place.  They took their name from the deep blue color (indigo), the old English word for prose song (lay), and Oh, for the full mouth sound.  All together, the name rolls off the tongue, but not as much as this music rolls you to heaven.  Danceable and singable.  What a combo.

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