Cleveland Still Rocks: Thaddeus Anna Greene – “In Vein”


Thaddeus Anna Greene

“In Vein”


Thaddeus Anna Greene is a Cleveland powerhouse formed in 2010 and they have been brewing up a buzz ever since. With honest, and familial lyrics, Tj Maclin (lead vox, guitar) dictates the often felt yet unexpressed voice of the young man; while Ryan Augusta (guitar, vox) fills in the cracks and pairs with Maclin, providing a full-bodied presence. Matt DeRubertis (bass) and Anthony Foti (drums, vox) supply a rhythm section seldom seen with deep pockets and a satisfying groove. Thaddeus Anna Greene reminds the listener what it is to feel, and breaks the standard by redefining notions of blues, soul, and rock and roll. This is a perfect description of a great band.  Sometimes, you can hear a little of Robin Trower, sometimes a little Leon Russell, sometimes the 13th Floor Elevator.  The mixture is perfect; the type of music only Cleveland can produce.  Take a listen; honestly, only Thaddeus Anna Greene can sound like this.

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