Cohen Dance Music: Chelou – “She Rock I Roll”


“She Rock I Roll”

Out Of Sight

This is definitely a mix of styles that, on paper, doesn’t have a chance in hell of working.  The sound is as if Leonard Cohen met electronic ambient dance music, and you get Chelou.  He has the rough vocal sound of Nick Cave with the music sound of Florence + The Machine.  As his bio says:

Chelou translates to ‘shady’ or ‘hidden’ in French and the man born Adam Gray has “spent a long time not revealing much, but it wasn’t exactly intentional,” he says. “I originally wanted to be a songwriter and not a stage performer, or even a singer.  I began to create a world outside of my everyday existence, starting with the name Chelou, and once it all started happening, it fit my natural personality.”

This is such great, unusual sound, I have fallen in love.  This is the next wave.

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