College Rock: Hiber – “What You Wanted”

Photo by Kari Terzino


“What You Wanted”

What You Wanted

Coming from Chicago, Hiber really brings something new to the power pop/alt scene, some adrenaline the genre was missing.  Comprised of Danny Surico / Vocals, Evan Pinter / Guitar, Dan Lieber / Drums, Yoo Soo Kim / Theodore Berry IV / Bass, and Dan Meinhardt / Keys, Hiber has this great sound that seems happy, but you go underneath the surface and really listen, you will hear angry and sadness that percolate underneath.  As Surico says about this new record;

The resulting tracks have darker vibes housed within familiar pop melodies and song structures. Another new element for Surico is the incorporation of electronic elements, like synths and programmed beats, to compliment the live instrumentation of guitars, bass, percussion and vocals.With these new songs, Surico hopes listeners will identify with the angst and struggle that permeate throughout.

With that independent music sound, perfect college radio fodder, Hiber is finally adding some balls to the style, resurrecting the whole genre.  This sounds something like old Guster, a good sound.  Thanks, Hiber.  Independent music needs the boost.

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