Confessional Music: Dylan LeBlanc – “Cautionary Tale”


Dylan LeBlanc

“Cautionary Tale”

Cautionary Tale

The sad, plaintive voice of an angel giving advice that you probably won’t listen to but you know you should.  That is what Dylan LeBlanc’s new album is.  LeBlanc is young, but he has gone through hell and back.  His new album is correctly named.  What a voice.  LeBlanc has one of those voices you’ll never forget.  And his band is totally worthy of backing him up.  Members of his band include: Dylan LeBlanc – Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, vocals; Ben Tanner – Piano, B3, Mellotron, Vibraphone; Mus Gillum – Bass, vocals; Jon Davis – Drum, Percussion; Jeremy Gibson – Drums, Percussion; Melvin Duffy – Pedal Steel; Wayne Bridge – Pedal Steel; Pete Finney – Pedal Steel; Chelsea Norman- Organ,Piano, Synth; Caleb Elliott~ Cello-guitar-vocals; and Kimi Samson~Violin.  According to his bio:

Overwhelmed by the speed at which his gift took him from Applebee’s server to “the new Neil Young” in a matter of months, he walked away from an unlikely major label deal after releasing two critically acclaimed albums. He slipped into a blur of booze and self-doubt. Exhausted and damaged at just 23-years-old, Dylan came home to Muscle Shoals, Alabama to write a new life for himself.


In between the moments of clarity and a few familiar falls, he also wrote a new album, Cautionary Tale: a collection of shimmering, arresting songs with the same haunting vocals that caught the attention of Lucinda Williams and Bruce Springsteen, now with a sharpened edge honed by hastened maturity.

I really love this man.  This is one of my new favorite performers.  I feel a deep connection with LeBlanc. Thank you for sharing.

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