Cow Punksters: Wood Chickens – “Surf Holocaust”

Tim Radl


 Wood Chickens

“Surf Holocaust”


Coming from the cow fields of Madison, WI, is the best, grungiest, most fun Cowpunk/Surf Punk band to come around for a long time.  God, these guys rock like hell.  They released Live, recorded in beautiful Muncie, IN, and these guys scorch on each song.  You like punk, you like the Cramps, you like Dick Dale, you will love this band.  Seriously, this is what I want played at my funeral.  Made up of Alex Wiley Coyote, The Griff, and Justin J. Johnson, these caffeine-driven cow punk are coming for you.  Lock up your daughters, and especially lock up your livestock.  These guys kill it.


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