Cure for Spring Fever: Dream Fatigue – “Mosquitia”

dream fatigue

Dream Fatigue


Mask Elate

Are you suffering from Spring Fever?  Want to hear something that will blow you away? Well, kids, no need to wait any longer.  Dream Fatigue has just released their album, Mask Elate, and it is packed full of that special jangly punk pop that sounds perfect from your car radio or the stereo turned up loud.  Dream Fatigue, from Australia (of course – I sure there is something in the soil), is comprised of Max Durrant – guitars, Zeb Durrant – Bass/Vocals, and Nicholas Woods – Drums/Vocals.  These guys come together to form their unique take on pop punk.  “Mosquitia” is a great place to start.  A perfect pop song, then all of a sudden there is jarring stop, and then the band is back again.  I can’t overemphasize how much I love these guys.  And with just three guys, they make music for ten.  Spring Fever, pfui.  I just got the cure, and their name is Dream Fatigue.

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