Daft Punk’s 10 Greatest Songs


On the arrival of Daft Punk’s latest release, Random Access Memories, we’re taking a trip back on their catalogue and giving you the 10 best moments in their illustrious career.

10. Technologic

An iconic song that was copied by nearly every other rap, r&b, electronic and indie rock artist after it.

9. Around The World

The first time those iconic robotic vocals were heard.

8. Aerodynamic

Daft Punk plugs the guitar in on this track and shows their immense musical diversity with elements of rock, electronica, disco & funk.

7. Prime Time Of Your Life

Daft gets a very sinister sound and an even more sinister video with this track from Human After All.

6. Get Lucky

Daft Punk bring an onslaught of producers onto their new album and this first single is the result of what’s to come; electronic/disco/r&b blends of genius. Not to mention that over 20 artists have already covered this song.

5. Face To Face

Todd Edwards lends his vocals to this very memorable track from Discovery.

4. Robot Rock

A staple of their live shows and while it’s one of their most repetitive songs ever, you can’t seem to get enough.

3. One More Time

It’s definitely their biggest hit and has been played millions of times across the air. You’re immediately reminded of the iconic anime video that came with this when hearing it.

2. Da Funk

This is what kicked Daft Punk into the stratosphere. A song that has been played in every single club in the world has stood the test of time and is still played in every single club in the world.

1. Harder Better Faster Stronger

The song that just won’t go away, kids are still making YouTube videos depicting strange dance moves with the words of this song written on their bodies. This song marks the pinnacle of their career and is by far their most ambitious electronic single to date.

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