Dance, Dance, Dance: Jude Benedict and The Last Drop – “Check It In The Morning”

Jude Benedict

Jude Benedict and The Last Drop

“Check It In The Morning”


Let me tell you, Pittsburgh is a great place to live.  And JBLD is one of the reasons.  You love Blood, Sweat, & Tears?  Joe Jackson?  Brian Seltzer? Listen to JBLD.  Hell, they will get you on the dance floor so fast.  They sound vintage yet brand new at the same time.  There is something just so damned great about the guys.  They are funky, tender, perfect dance music, great party music, romantic background; these guys have it all.  You can hear Sly Stone, early Chicago, you name.  They mix it all together.  I’m at their next show.  You better be too.  Check out their FaceBook page for more information.  JBLD are made up of David Traugh, Tim Nwranski, Doug Finley, Jude Benedict, Nate Insko, and Ross Marshall.

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