Dance, Dance, Take a Selfie: The Nightowls – “#selfiequeen”

Laura Hajar

The Nightowls


We Are The Nightowls

That great R&B dance band, The Nightowls, has a new single out, and Geez, it is great.  You know those people who go out and spend the night taking selfies?  Well, they got their own song.  Sung with the wit and gusto only The Nightowls can produced, this song is going make all those people take selfies on the dance floor.  Though I doubt I’ll be taking selfies, I will join them on the dance floor.  This song is addictive, like “Le Freak” by Chic, or anything by DeeeLite.   The band is comprised of Ryan Harkrider, Sara Stein, Kamilla Lamar, Rob Alton,
Justin Hights, Vince Wiley, Rydog Johnson, Zol Waterhouse, Andrew McLemore, and Luke Scallan
, and these musicians are bringing the fun back to dance.  Listen, get blown away, and dance.  These guys are the best.  

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