Dance Music The Mind: Sea Moya – “New Past”

Sea Moya

“New Past”

What a great, strange band.  It must be something about the Alps that brings out the weird (remember Trio).  Sea Moya, as they describe themselves, are Tilman Ruetz (Drums), Elias Foerster (Bass) and David Schnitzler (Vocals) using a whole lot of synthesizers.  Playing with voice modulators and kraut rhythms to bring about a world of their own, Sea Moya have created a new music form they refer to as Electronic-/Afro-/Kraut-Beat, and you can hear all that in their music.  The guys recorded this beautiful record in Germany, but have recently moved to Canada to become even stranger.  This is great, confounding, contrasting music that is the thinking-man’s dance music.  Let your mind move.

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