Dancefloor Sex: Anthony Mkultra – P.K.S

anthony mkultra

Anthony Mkultra


“Do that Pole Kama Sutra”.  Tell me that doesn’t sound like fun.  It is.  Mkultra is so much fun, so wonderful, and crazy.  This is great dance music.  I’ve got to quote some of the lyrics.

when life’s full of shit,
get that taste on my lips,
Booze got me buzzin high,
Sippin till I’m satisfied,
Try’d rollin a spliffy,
Got me smoking like Fifty,
Guess the stress is surmounting me,
I know where I gotta be…
gotta be…
gotta be…
Chorus x2:
do that pole KamaSutra,
do that pole KamaSutra,
Shake them cakes cuz it suits ya,
Shake them cakes cuz it suits ya,
Let it wind,
Let it wind,
Let it wind,

Mkultra is from NYC, so he knows how to get us boys out on the floor dancing.  This is really one of the most fun songs I’ve heard since Adam Joseph and Jonny McGovern.  I’m impressed.  Thanks, Anthony.


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