Daniel Ellsworth Releases New Single “Flower Underground”

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ndie rock artist, Daniel Ellsworth is thrilled release his new single “Flower Underground” that is out now. “Flower Underground” is the on his new EP WHAT to be released on July 14th. He also recently released his single off the EP, “Blurry” and “Lost In The Rhythm” that are out now as well.

Daniel says,  “When I first wrote and recorded “Flower Underground”, the working title on the session was “Is This Music?” It was one of the very first things I ever fully produced on my own and I was throwing a ton of paint at the wall (Jazz piano solo in the middle of a pop song? Sure, why not) just to see what would stick. I found this audio sample that had the phrase “Like a flower underground” that I really loved and that led to the stream of consciousness lyrics you hear in the song. I wasn’t sure when I wrote it, but listening to it now I can hear that it’s about the uncertainty of throwing in the towel on my old life and moving to the west coast after 15 years in Nashville. Was I making the right decision? Am I letting people down? But then very quickly learning that it was exactly what I needed to do. It’s about coming out of a heavy darkness into some new light.”

WHAT is Ellsworth’s first fully self-produced, self-mixed solo release. It’s infused with a genre bending, underground indie atmosphere and draws on influences as wide ranging as LCD Soundsystem, Anderson .Paak, and M. Ward.

Known for writing compulsively catchy hooks that bend the lines of genre, Daniel Ellsworth is the epitome of independent artistry. He’s a prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who allows himself the freedom to develop his sound across a wide variety of genres and projects. His chimerical style falls somewhere between buoyant, hopeful pop, carefree indie rock, and pulse-driven hip-hop (think Pharrell Williams meets Brian Wilson), and his independent and collaborative works have been featured in a long list of films, TV episodes, and international ad campaigns. Now an established pop composer, he continues to produce and write collaboratively, expanding his extensive repertoire with regular releases from his three current projects, Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes, Chaos Emeralds, and DARKMINDS, as well as his work as a solo artist. Despite his frequent collaboration and dexterity across genres, Ellsworth’s music is distinct: there is always the perfect hook, bold melodic lines that feel inventive and at the same time immediately recognizable.
Flower Underground”  Is out everywhere at  https://ffm.to/danielellsworth_flowerunderground


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