Danish Dreampop: Sleep Party People – “Lingering Eyes”

Sleep Party People

“Lingering Eyes”


Sleep Party People is Danish-based multi-instrumentalist Brian Batz featuring collaborations with The Antlers’ Peter Silberman & Air vocalist Beth Hirsch.  This is beautiful, dreaming, weird music; European Dreampop mixed with MGMT to create something completely new.  His new album is due to be released June 2nd.

Though Copenhagen-based Batz & his 5-piece live band have become synonymous with the rabbit masks they wear during Sleep Party People live performances, ‘Lingering’ finds Batz shedding his guard to create some of the most personal and accessible material of his career. Whilst “The Missing Steps” and other moments on ‘Lingering’ engage demonstrably with bliss (also the woozy, unhurried not-quite title track, ‘Lingering Eyes’), it is nonetheless a record also concerned with anxiety and doubt, and the ways in which we cope with those insecurities that can persist through adulthood.

This is, as I said, beautiful music.  Batz stated getting to work with Air vocalist Beth Hirsch was a dream come true.  She fits in perfectly with the dreampop Batz has created her.  Listen on a warm summer evening, under the stars.

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