Dark Angst: The Reuters – “Credits”

The Reuters


We Are From HU

Coming from the darklands of the Netherlands (or is that Neverlands) comes the wonderful sci-punk of The Reuters.  What a band this is.  You like your punk dark with that sci-fi twinge, this is the band for you.  They have this wonderful heavy riff-focused beat without any boring solos, just heavy guitar.  I love this band.  Whatever these guys are taking, I want some.  Here are some of the lyrics from “Credits”:

flowers painted on the wall
the day I lost my face
leaves were pinned and than were taken
my way of counting the days
you and your beautiful friends
feelings carelessly shaken
predict the unavoidable end
a friendship cruelly taken

There’s a Joy Division/Bauhaus goth angst to these guys that is so compelling.  Take a trip with these dark wave punkers.

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  1. Phil is King, the man’s got EARS!!! (and he knows how to write about what he HEARS…) CHEERS!!!

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