Dark Beauty: The Bright Smoke – “The Lion And”

Album art by: Nicole Batchelor

The Bright Smoke

“The Lion And”

Gross National Happiness

The Bright Smoke is the project of musician and songwriter, Mia Wilson, and formerly included filmmaker, producer, and musician, Quincy Ledbetter, who has been named the ‘Project Cre8’ by Paramount Players and BET. While, Ledbetter goes down to Altanta to film his feature film with his million dollar budget, Wilson will keep the band alive and well. Wilson has this tremendous, dark, tremulous voice that makes the music come alive.  The Bright Smoke have always been a bright? (maybe dark, in a good way) spot in alternative music, and with Ledbetter on hiatus, Wilson is carrying on the tradition with this tremendous album.  This is an amazing piece of work.  As the bio states:

Gross National Happiness was recorded during a two year process of reckoning with unexpected personal, public, and global upheaval. Inspired by a toggling between witnessing a world that appears to be off its axis while still remaining steeped in the petty concerns of day-to-day life, the album takes on the voices of multiple narrators each increasingly less sympathetic and redeemable.

Ledbetter’s presence is noticeable by his production work, but this work really is Wilson’s shining moment.  Beautiful in all regards.

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