Dark Matters: Dreams of Vertigo – “An (Un)Easy Goodbye”

dreams of vertigo

Dreams of Vertigo

“An (Un)Easy Goodbye”

Reject University, Pt. 2: From Six 2 Midnight

What a band.  Dreams of Vertigo slash their way through their material, leaving no survivors.  Think of the Offspring at their best.  Well, Dreams of Vertigo are that good.  True pop/punk.  Bouncing riffs all over the place, and a drummer than never quits.  On their upcoming album, the band explores a darker landscape than before.  And their video for “An (Un)Easy Goodbye” called cause to vertigo.  There is that huge dollop of Metallica within these guys that makes the darkness work for them.

An(Un)Easy Goodbye” was prompted when vocalist Doug Ferguson saw a man high up on a Freeway sign, ready to jump. Police vehicles were pulled up in a circle around the structure, trying to convince the man to not end it all. Moved by that, Ferguson wrote this song, which deals with issues of depression and suicide.

Coming from Orange County, Dreams of Vertigo is comprised of Doug: Vocals and guitar; Brandon: Drums; Gonz: Bass/Vocals; and
Jay Bear: Lead Guitar, Backup Vox.  What a great band.

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