Dark Retrospective: Christian Dörge – “Scotland Yard”

Christian Dörge

“Scotland Yard”

Ghost Of A Bad Idea – The Very Best Of Christian Dörge

My Munich goth hero has released an extensive greatest hits collection spanning the 25 years of his musical career.  This is the ultimate in Germanic Goth.  No one plays such dark, beautiful, intricate music as Dörge.  His music has a grace and lightness (if one so dark can be called light) that so many other goths have lost.  Dörge is never heavy-handed, which is what I mean by lightness.  This is music for the Perseids, the dark of night when Sirius shines down, before the rising of the moon, those early morning times when the world crushes down.  Dörge understands and celebrates the dark, and I celebrate him.  This is what Bauhaus tried to reach, but couldn’t quite grasp.

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