Dark Star Matter: Sur Back – “Valentino”

Photo Cred: Cate Sans

Sur Back


Kitsch II

Sur Back is an amazing artist.  I love the way “Valentino” starts with the plucking arpeggios of violins and then goes completely out this world where strange synth sounds and Sur Back’s mesmerizing voice fold in and out of reality.  Sur Back is the solo project of Caroline Sans, a formally trained dancer and musician, who channels the two forms of art into a baroque pop aesthetic.  Imagine, if you can, Kate Bush, St. Vincent, Laurie Anderson, and Bjork decided to do a project together with Brian Eno producing.  This gives you an idea what your up against.  On Kitsch II, Sur Back continues the sounds she created on Kitsch but in an even darker vein.  If music from the dark star is your preference (and it most definitely mine), Sur Back’s music is perfect for setting up those beautiful, Lovecraftian dreams we all enjoy.

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