Darkness With Brightness: GemelaDual – “Golden Sleepwalker”


“Golden Sleepwalker”

What a wonderfully dark sound “Golden Sleepwalker” has.  The production is delightfully underlit, like a painting by Rembrandt or Geetgen toot Sin Jans, where light only shines on parts of the whole.  In “Golden Sleepwalker”, the vocals are purposely underplayed while the ringing guitar takes the forefront.  I love what their bio says about them:

GemelaDual it’s a audiovisual project based between San Diego California and San José Costa Rica. Lo-fi curators, lovers and drifters. Andrés Guerrero musician multi-instrumentalist and Composer of GemelaDual and his partner and inspiration Mariana Fuentes.

Loneliness, changes, new skin.
Chamaleonic twin flames waiting for their turn. Bastard folk and eclecticism.
This is some of the most beautiful and thought-provoking music I’ve heard.  I love this sound.  This is just what was needed in the field of what I consider Darkwave.  Thank you so much for this necessary beauty.

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