De Lux ‘More Disco Songs About Love’

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L.A.’s disco-not-disco duo De Lux returns with a new album that is chock full of delicious disco delights. Innovative Leisure states that More Disco Songs About Love is a stream-of-consciousness tour through De Lux’s reality. (With New York City dance-punk legend Sal P. of Liquid Liquid and the Pop Group’s maniacal Mark Stewart as guests, of course.)

“875 Dollars” is one of the funkiest tracks created in years with its glitzy synth bits and on-point rhythm section. “Cause For Concern” runs like a smooth 70s disco jam that pushes us to “get up and just do what you love.” However the real gem on this album is their first single “Keyboards Cause We’re Black and White”, which sounds like it might be a continuation of Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney’s “Ebony and Ivory” but its a more progressive disco song that doesn’t have the most optimistic message but who cares? We’re dancing! “Music Snob” is Giorgio Moroder on speed ,the beat is crazy fast! Just try sitting still with this one. “Stratosphere Girl” sounds like the grand baby of Parliament-Funkadelic and The Talking Heads. This zany disco album proves that disco is alive and WELL! Check out “Keyboards Cause We’re Black and White” below:

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