Decided Punk: The Undecided Majors – “Gone Wrong”


 The Undecided Majors

“Gone Wrong”

In Spite

God, these guys are great.  They have a sound reminiscent of The Offspring, but with a more authentic smartass attitude.  “Gone Wrong” is a perfect example of their talent, but the whole album, In Spite, is strong, fun, deep, head-banging (Suzie Is A Headbanger-type) music.  Based in Austin, Texas, The Undecided Majors consist of Scott McCauley (vocals/bass/guitar) and Jake Fenton (drums/synth). For The Undecided Majors, music has always been a way of life.  Therefore, in fact, their major was already decided, thank God.  I love the name of the band.  I always said those who jump from subject to subject make the best punks, and The Undecided Majors proves my point.  This is punk.

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