Digitalism’s “Wolves” Re-worked by RAC

digitalism, wolves, youngblood hawke, rac, electronica

“Wolves (feat. Youngblood Hawke)” released earlier this month was the first single from Digitalism that put the band in a very different musical place from previously released material. Not only does it feature US based indie-starlets Youngblood Hawke, but it also aims to marry European Electronic music with American songwriting to deliver a dance-hit that proves you don’t have to make EDM to create energetic dance music. Digitalism’s last communication marked the beginning of this new direction in the form of a Soundcloud-only release at the start of 2014. This statement of intent will not relent; 2014 will be The Year of surprises for Digitalism fans, with “Wolves” being the first official release to subscribe to this.

Now three official remixes are available for purchase with a brand new extended 12′ mix.

LISTEN: “Wolves Feat. Youngblood Hawke” (Booka Shade Remix)
LISTEN: “Wolves Feat. Youngblood Hawke” (Riton Remix)
LISTEN: ‘Wolves By Day Or By Night’ Mix on NPR

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