Disco-infused melodies from Go Music Go

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The disco-infused melodies from Go Music Go bring you right back to ABBA or Olivia Newton-John. We can’t help but think we’re listening to a light 70s station when listening to this music and it’s pretty friggin’ cool. The tracks above are off their forthcoming sophomore release Impressions.

Here are some FAQs about the album:


Where did you record this?
– In my garage, and in Torg’s back bedroom
Did you use any MIDI stuff or sequencing on the record?
– No, we actually don’t know how to do those things, if you can believe it.
Do you play special events or parties?
– Yes, we love doing this. Please contact us if you have an event that could be spiced up with some live music. Warning: This can get really expensive!
Did the band members grow up in LA?
– Essentially, yes.
There seems to be a retro feel to some of these songs. Was this intentional? Do you like listening to older music?
– It wasn’t intentional, but we do like listening to older music.
Will Music Go Music remix my song?
– That depends. What kind of music is it?
It’s, like, jazz fusion, but really funky.
– Yeah, that sounds perfect for us. Send over the stems.
What’s a stem?
– The individual files that make up the song. One file for bass, another for piano, etc, etc.
Oh yeah, I just call them tracks.
– Same deal.
OK, I’ll send them over.
– Great.

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