Disturbing Soul Searching Music: Bio~Blood – Artery

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My hero and friend from Australia, Xaq Iria, has done it again.  He has a released a nine-track album of electronic kick-ass music.  Xaq Iria is a musician, an artist, and one of the best guys ever.  Sometimes, Bio~Blood can be frightening and disturbing, but always so absolutely beautiful and danceable.  BIO-BLOOD is a solo band that was started by  XAQ-IRIA as a way to heal after shocking abuse as a child which lead to him being a street kid but against all odds he fought back against those who hurt him clean up his life and became a self taught artist singer songwriter & filmography.  And his journey is poured out in his art and music in such a way that you feel you know him personally, identify with him, and cheer him on to his new life.  I have never met an artist so willing to open up the wounds to the whole world as a way of healing and reaching out to others to help heal them to.  His music and his art are superb.  God, I hate gushing.  Listen to Artery.  You’ll see what I mean.  And the photograph accompanying this article, is one of his paintings.  I am so proud to be his friend.

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