Dreampop Chilean Style: Trementina – “Please Go Away”


“Please Go Away”


If you ever wondered what the Jesus and Mary Chain would sound like fronted by Hope Sandoval, just listen Chilean-based band, Trementina.  Trementina create music for lucid dreaming. It’s an intense, yet melancholic conjuring by art students and skaters from the damp forests of Valdivia, Chile, where the rainfall creates faded polaroids out of daily life. Trementina just signed with Burger Records, and there is no doubt that they are going to be big.  Trementina is a DIY rock band consisting of Vanessa Cea (vocals), Cristobal Ortiz (guitar), Lucas Martinic (bass), and Andrés on drums.  This is a wonderful new band.  I love them band a lot.  Of course, dreampop is one of my favorite types of music, and Trementina is a perfect example of everything that is great with the style.

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