Dreamscape: TESHA – “Dreams”



Dreams Vol. 1

As the Eurythmics song goes, “Sweet dreams are made of this”.  TESHA’s new album, dropping soon, is exactly what Annie met.  The music and that gorgeous voice flow all around you like the best of all dreams.  Known as TESHA, the forward thinking singer- songwriter and producer, Neta Elias, creates self empowering, ruminative and equality driven experimental electro-pop focused on the wonders and unknowns of life. Born in Israel and raised playing her mother’s living room piano, she drew inspiration from the likes of Laurie Anderson, Kate Bush and the classical era.The album’s unique shadowy and floating sound is orchestrated by the use of multiple foreign objects, all carefully layered atop flowy instrumentals. TESHA’s voice draws the listener into her dream world, made up of light and shadows, spiritual visions, and the unknown.  All I know, this is the true sound of dreams.  I love to listen to TESHA’s voice as I relax, and I have to admit:  the sound of “Dreams” is often the backdrop for my perfect dreams.  Thank you.

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