Drunken Soul: Failure Machine – Wake Drake Skate

Failure Machine

Wake Drake Skate

They’re Back!!!!!  My favorite bunch of garage soul degenerates have a great EP out.  This is the party band of all party bands.  To warn you about what you’re about to deal with, here is the list of the members of Failure Machine, in their own words:

Who’s even in Failure Machine anymore? Is Failure Machine even a band? Fuckin… who knows!? But when we do band things it’s Spencer Kilpatrick on guitar and singing stuff, Clintonious Philbin on drums, Rachael McElhiney plays bari sax and also does singing stuff, Harry Mahony plays alto sax, and Zac Curtis plays trumpet.
I just love this band.  You never know what you’ll get.  They’re from Reno, and they sound like it.  Honestly, check them out.  You will NEVER look at soul music again.

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