Ear-Bleeding Rock: All The Saints – “Gold”

photo credit: Elliott Fuerniss

All The Saints


Look Like You’re Going Somewhere

I love this band.  From the heart of the “Crimson Tide” country (Alabama, for those not in the know), comes this slab of vinyl-melting, Sonic Youthish rock, loud enough to explode your ears and destroy your mind, just like rock should be.  The trio of Titus Brown, Matt Lambert, and Jim Crook are loud and good enough to be 50 people playing music.  This is great music, on repeat on my iPod.  Besides Sonic Youth, Jesus Lizard springs to mind, yet, All The Saints are NOT a copy band.  They have reworked post punk into a genre that needs to be called All The Saints.  Original, noisy, rowdy, guys, you really have to play live and make it to Pittsburgh.

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