Electronica For Mind and Body: Neil Frances – “Coming Back Around (extended)”

Neil Frances

“Coming Back Around (extended)”

Took A While EP

What a magnificent sound.  This duo make everything interesting, and they never sound the same.  In “Coming Back Around”, the emphasis is on the wonderful percussion; in “Ask Me Anything”, the vocals take center stage, and what great vocals they are.  Neil Frances are:

 Marc Gilfry and Jordan Feller (who) met in 2012 under the guise of other endeavors, and reconnected four years later when Feller recruited Gilfry to sing on demos he had intended for use with female vocalists. But they much preferred the more lo-fi versions with Gilfry’s guide vocals to the versions with different singers, quickly leading them to begin writing their own new material together.

I know the move to not have these tunes redone was the correct one.  Gilfry’s voice fits the music so well.  After starting their career doing interesting and breathtaking covers, they started writing their own material, and that material is extremely wonderful.  This is a unique band that makes you want to groove.

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